Tuna and Macaroni: A Quick Meal!

I get a lot of messages every summer from my friends and family that say, “Maria, do you have any suggestions of what I can make on a hot day that is easy and will not require my oven? This is when I suggest Tuna and Macaroni!

Tuna and Macaroni together are probably not what you think of when you think of traditional Portuguese cooking! However, in my family my dad loved macaroni and asked my mom to put it in to all her soups and stews. I grew up eating it and still love to cook with it when I can.


This often serves as a summer dish for me, not only because it does not require an oven, but also because I like to include fresh tomatoes and parsley, but really you can make it any time of year. It is really easy to make and is so satisfying. Just as my mom made it her own by adding elbow macaroni, you could personalize it your own way. The great thing about this recipe is that it can be customized based on what you have readily available in your household. For example, husband likes his food a little spicy, so I add a tablespoon of pimenta moida.

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