Wow! Everyone loves papas!

Portuguese Papas

I was so surprised and happy that so many of you love papas, too! I posted a bit of a story about it on my Facebook page and it just took off! It seems like every family has their own variation, which is so fun to hear about. How about you? Did you grow up with papas? Was your family recipe like mine?

Here in New England, it’s been really cold lately. So it makes perfect sense why I’ve received a few requests today for the Papas recipe aka Porridge… Growing up my grandmother would make it using corn starch or all purpose flour, but my dads favorite was using corn flour…one way or another, either you love it or you don’t. Personally, I’m on team love it!! Comfort food in a bowl…. Here’s the link to the recipe my grandmother would make..xoxoEnjoy!!

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