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I’m fortunate that I get to travel more often than I thought I ever could. And having completed one guided tour and plans for another soon I get asked fairly often about how I travel…specifically, what are the things I bring with me to make moving about or being away from home a bit easier. Here are a few, one new and the other two tried and true.

My Carry-on Bag

I wanted something that would both roll AND fit under the airplane seat in front of me, and this does both. It has cloth handles so I can easily pick it up if I need to, plus it has a telescoping handle and wheels for those long hikes thru the airport. It’s padded for when I need to pack my ipad or laptop, and there are zippered compartments that make finding things mid-flight easier. it’s available here on Amazon.

Blue roller bag

Packing Cubes

My husband Bob introduced these to me. He’s been a road warrior for over 20 years and has tried every way of packing. (Full disclosure: he’s a carry-on kind of guy and tries to pack as little as possible!). Bob likes the organization that you get from cubes, plus they help limit the amount of stuff you can bring. I mean, if they don’t fit in the cube you can’t bring it! You can find my favorite packing cubes here on Amazon.


This is the new item. As careful as I try to pack, clothes still seem to wrinkle. And although most of the time I’m dressed casually there are times I don’t want to look so, well, wrinkled! I discovered on one of my last trips that irons aren’t so easily found in hotels as they are in the United States, and of course you always find this out when you don’t have time to track down and iron and an ironing board. There are a ton of steamers out there, I checked around a bit and this one had good reviews so I gave it a try. Bob and I tested it at home on one of his button down shirts, and it worked great so in the suitcase it went. It takes about 2 minutes to get steam (don’t overfill it) and you need to be able to have the article of clothing near where the steamer is plugged in and can reach. The other thing I learned was to hold the steamer vertically so hot water doesn’t spill on you. It doesn’t weigh that much, and did just what I needed it to do! You can find my new steamer here on Amazon.

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