The Azorean Emigration Museum in Ribeira Grande

When my husband and I knew we would be traveling to Sao Miguel for a family wedding, I contacted the organization called Azorean Emigrants Association aka Associação Dos Emigrantes Açorianos who not only run the Azorean Emigration Museum in Ribeira Grande, but also have been tirelessly working on putting together the Emigrant Square/ Praca Do Emigrante also in Ribeira Grande to honor all the Emigrants that left their homes and families in search for a better life. I knew that I wanted to honor my parents, who absolutely made sacrifices in leaving Sao Miguel and settled in the USA. My dad would always say that they did for their children and generations of grandchildren. It is something that I never take for granted and I make sure that I remind my children as well. After speaking with my sisters, we all agreed that we wanted a tile in the square to honor our parents. I made all the arrangements online and once we landed I contacted them to arrange the date for the tile to be placed. I have to tell you that it was such an emotional moment to see my parents name and another to see it being placed. So much so that the gentleman who is solely responsible for placing the tile let me place it by myself. I cried in thanks, in honor and with love for my parents. Their names will forever be there, long after I am gone. I didn’t share this while I was there… I didn’t let any official pictures be taken. It was a very private moment…But my husband did take these pictures and he said that I needed to share. Like he said… “imagine how many people don’t know about this square and would also want to honor their parents”… and he’s absolutely correct… I had to share❤️ UPDATE: I’ve since confirmed that this site is available to preserve the memory of emigrants from each of the islands.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing this, how wonderful and I’m glad your husband twisted your arm to post the photos. I’m here at the moment, in Sao Miguel, with my wife, trying to add some ancestors to her family tree and learn about the history here. Her great grandmother went to America in the early 1900s and we have been trying to find information about the next generation back. We are stuck so have come to the island to see if we have more luck. I absolutely love this post. Thankyou

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