Season One, Episode Two – Furnas

The village of Furnas resides within an old volcano. – picture courtesy of wikimedia

On this episode I travel 4 1/2 hours  from Boston to the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal; the Azores consist of  9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic. 

Once I land I head over to the historic Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in the heart of Furnas. Furnas is literally inside of an ancient volcanic crater with geothermal pools and springs. I cook along side with their top chef, Chef Luis and we make the house specialty… The Cozido…. or a boiled dinner. But this is not your usual boiled dinner….it’s a very special meal cooked underground with volcanic heat and steam!! Literally cooked in the earth’s pressure cooker…something truly incredible as well as delicious!!

While the food cooks for 8 hours  I make a special dessert with Chef Luis… his very own recipe call Galician Lemon Mousse. I then do some sight seeing of the village touring the 30 acre botanical garden surrounding the hotel with the groundskeeper’s daughter. Last but not least I sit down with Chef Luis and we have dinner together and enjoy & talk about our meal we made as well as our dessert…. a wonderful way to end my day in Furnas…

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