Season One, Episode One – Rhode Island

Filming in Tugas Restaurant, Pawtucket Rhode Island

On this episode I introduce myself to the viewers, and talk a little about my journey from Sao Miguel Azores, to the United States and becoming a Portuguese American… I start the episode with a look at origins of the Portuguese experience in America, a trip to the Providence campus of Rhode Island College and speak to the Director of Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone Studies, Marie Fraley. 

I meet with the chef/owner of The 1st Portuguese Food Truck in the USA, Levi Medina of Portu-Galo food truck, where we cook and sample some amazing bifana sandwiches. Portugal’s version of a “Fast Food” lunch!!

Next, it’s off to the Portuguese Discovery Monument at Aquidneck Island where we continue to see the lasting connection between the state of RI and our Portuguese ancestry. 

I head over to Pawtucket to  Tugas restaurant, where we cook a delicious braised beef stew, called Carne Estufada with the owner Sandy Batiste. (UPDATE: January 2019. Since the airing of this episode, Sandy has sold the restaurant which is still open but she is not involved in. We wish Sandy the best!)

Last but not least, I am in the kitchen making an amazing and delicious family recipe that I have enjoyed since childhood: Bolos Levedos. Some people call them the Portuguese English Muffins or 3 Meal Muffins, but this is something very unique. The recipe was originated in Sao Miguel and the recipe I use is over 100 years old. 

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