Season One, Episode Four – The Farm/Lagoa

Season 1, Episode 4 – The Farm/Logoa

This episode its all about Freshness… Fresh Milk, Fresh Cheese and Fresh Seafood…I head to the countryside of Nordeste, where I spend the day on a family farm with husband and wife Gena and Joao and hang out with some Happy Cows and learn what it takes to raise them. Why they are so happy, but oh, what tasty things they produce!! Also…Fact… there are two cows to every person on the Island (at least that’s how it looks)!! After Joao teaches me how to milk a cow…. yes… I milk a cow!!!

I take the fresh milk to a village called Rabo Peixe and meet with husband and wife Joao and Rimi, the owners of Quinta Minuvida Orchard Lodge. Joao loves to cook and together we make fresh cheese.

Then I’m off to the city of Lagoa to the village of Rosario da Lagoa where I was born and where some my family still live. I visit my cousin Joao and he and I cook a roasted octopus dinner for family and friends. It’s wonderful that every time I visit…we either cook or bake together… It’s a very special …  

Click here to see my cousin’s roast octopus recipe

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