Season One, Episode Five – Povaçao & Ponta Delgada

Season One, Episode Five – Povaçao and Ponta Delgada

Beautiful Ponta Delgada!

On this episode we stay on the island of Sao Miguel with a chance to learn about the island’s origins, taste delicious desserts and explore the capital city of Ponta Delgada!

We start along the rugged shores of Povaçao on Sao Miguel’s southwestern coast. It’s here that the early settlers came ashore, and Senhor Duarte is kind enough to show me around and tell me more about this fascinating history.

We didn’t just come to Povaçao for the history, we came in search of a famous pastry: the Fofas! My tour with Senhor Duarte came to an end in the down plaza and he pointed me in the direction of Restaurante Jardim where senora Maria De Deus, the owner and pastry chef, serves these éclair like treats.

Following my time in Povaçao we made our way across the island, taking the scenic route on our way to the capital city of Ponta Delgada. It didn’t take me long to find ourselves near a very quaint shop. It’s a family shop led by Sra. Maria De Lurdes, a life long weaver, doing it the old fashion way with large wooden looms. I had to stop in to see all the beautiful handmade pieces for myself.

Ponta Delgada is considered the administrative capital of the Azores and is the most populous, metropolitan city in all of the islands. We based ourselves at the Hotel Atlantico by Bensaude Hotels and went exploring. The first stop was the mercado to buy some white corn flour to make a generations’ old recipe of Carrilhos with a family friend.

After baking, we find time to explore the island’s Jewish ancestry at the oldest synagogue in Portugal: Sahar Hassamain Synagogue. The history is quite unique, and knowing how many Azoreans know that there is an undercurrent of Jewish history in our roots it was fascinating to learn more.

We end the episode by sitting down for breakfast with Ponta Delgada’s mayor, President Jose Manuel Bolieiro, who was kind enough to join me and walk me through the flavors of Sao Miguel. In bite sized flavors we tasted our way through some of the island’s best homemade products while getting to know hear the mayor’s personal story from humble beginnings to help lead the island of Sao Miguel.

Maria and Mayor Bolieiro

It is always great to explore the island, and it is so much fun sharing it with you!

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