Mini Queijo Serra Da Estrela (Sheep’s Milk Cheese, 1lb)

From the region of Seia in Serra Da Estrela comes one of Portugal’s most famous and appreciated cheeses.  Queijo Serra da Estrela is a unique and flavorful cheese made from sheep’s milk.  Sheep’s cheese is soft and gooey and has been manufactured in the Serra Da Estrela region for generations.  Serra da Estrela Cheese has been granted PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status in the European Union and has even been added to the international catalogue of endangered heritage foods named Ark of Taste.

*All frozen orders ship no later than Wednesday* 

  1. Premium cheese, Imported from Portugal
  2. Ships frozen arrives thawed and ready to refrigerate.
  3. Before consuming we recommend letting the cheese “breathe” for a few hours by removing it from the plastic wrap and cheese cloth.  If purchasing in the Summer months the cheese may arrive very soft, we recommend refrigerating for three hours before unwrapping.
  4. You can either slice the cheese when immediately removed from the refrigerator or carve a circle out of the top to make a lid and scoop out the cheese once it’s soft (we recommend leaving it out for a few hours to get it very gooey).  Put the lid back on until next time (if there is a next time)!  The rind is safe to eat.
  5. Each Cheese weighs Approximately 1lbs

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