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My friend Angela and I have been talking to each other and special guests about what it means to be Portuguese on our podcast “Our Portuguese Table”. Guests join us from all around the world at our Portuguese table but all have this in common: they’re as proud to be Portuguese as we are!


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Recording Our Portuguese Table from our living rooms!

In Episode 54 Maria and Angela talk quarantine, corona, and queijadas!

We chat with Michael Casalinho of Broa Café in Jersey City, NJ. The episode was recorded just before one of the last winter storms of the year. With roots in the district of Leiria, Michael dabbled in many careers before devoting himself to the culinary world. Michael grew up in the Ironbound neighborhood of Newark and has had the opportunity to dine around the world.

We chat with fadista David Silveira Garcia of San José, California! David is our first fadista on the show! He shares the history of his recent career and influences. David has had the opportunity to sing for greats like Celeste Rodrigues (Amália’s sister) in Lisbon. He released his second album, Palco da Vida, earlier this year. Performances this year include stops in Lisbon and the Açores—including Terceira, Faial, and São Miguel—and an upcoming trip to Hawaii. Visit his website for the latest updates and more information: Listen to David’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Angela and Maria answer your questions! We chat about pantry staples—Portuguese olive oil (azeite), vinegar (wine or cider), dried and/or canned beans, and sea salt (or Kosher) & spices—are a must; and how to make the perfect arroz doce.

This episode was recorded a few months ago, and since then we’ve received word that Cafe Lucia has closed down.  We are so sad to hear this! it was still a great conversation and so we hope you will still enjoy hearing about what Lucia and Jason were able to accomplish.  And here’s hoping that Cafe Lucia opens up somewhere else!

We chat with Lucy Pepper. No, her name isn’t Portuguese, but guess what, she lives in Portugal and possibly loves Portugal more than some Portuguese people we know! Lucy first visited the Douro Valley as an art student. She tells us of the time she found the note she’d written to herself about moving to Portugal and a few years later it happened!

We chat with Joey Batista aka Joey Bats of Joey Bats Sweets. Joey grew up in the town of Ludlow, Massachusetts, which is famous for its Our Lady of Fatima Festa, held each Labor Day weekend. We hear the candle-lit procession is a sight to behold!

It has always been a dream of Jessica’s to open a European-style café after enjoying the coffee culture and the esplanadas of Portugal. After studying business in school, Jessica took a risk and opened Tia Maria’s. Everyone’s got a Tia Maria (or two or three…), which is where Jessica got the inspiration for the name of her café. Her parents can often be found cooking in the kitchen, so it’s a real family affair. Tia’s has a working menu that caters to both New Bedford locals and members of the Portuguese community – if there’s something you’re looking for that’s not on it, just ask!

We chat with Ana Miranda Ventura of the Arte Institute. Even before then, though, Angela & Maria spend a couple minutes comparing East and West Coast winters. Whose side are you on?

We chat with Milena Rodrigues, author of the Portuguese cookbook, For the Love of Portuguese Food. Milena lived on the North Shore of Massachusetts, in Gloucester, before she moved to New Bedford.

We spend some time catching up on the 2017 holiday season – including ideas about how to use leftover malassadas – malassada bread pudding a.k.a “Heaven on a dish”, (thanks for the name, Angela!). Some of our other great ideas include massa French toast, bolacha Maria pie crust and massa bread crumbs to make pie crust. Makes you want to start baking to create all kinds of new recipes, doesn’t it?

We chat with Michael Benevides of Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River, MA. Maria frequently shops here but we’re working on bringing Angela to the East Coast to check it out. Michael talks about the business’s humble beginnings in a garage, selling Nescafé & bacalhau to the opening of this Portuguese food (and more!) mecca in 2015. Some of the store’s highlights include the bacalhau room, prepared foods section, and beer & wine department. Check out the store’s e-commerce site to get your Portuguese food fix if you’re feeling homesick:

We deviate from food for a bit and chat with Lisa Furtado, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Lisa spent many summers with her family in Ponta Garça on the island of São Miguel. After completing her studies, Lisa took a leap of faith and moved to Asia, where she dabbled in a couple different ventures. She chose to pursue her love of the field of wellness and is now a yoga instructor. Lisa spends her summer seasons on Praia da Rocha in Portimão (Algarve) teaching yoga at Bend It Like Buddha She’s also visited places like Goa & Macau during her yoga studies (Is your wanderlust kicking in yet? Ours is!)

Maria & Angela are live from Tasca Tasca in Sonoma, CA with Manuel Azevedo in this episode of Our Portuguese Table. They’re sitting at an authentic Portuguese table with tremoços and wine. Maria catches up on what it’s been like filming her PBS show in California, from the Central Valley to Napa Valley. She talks about watching her first bullfight in Gustine, being the only lady cooking in a kitchen full of men (these guys are tough critics but they invited her back again!) in Fresno, and cooking with former guest Jeremiah Duarte Bills and Mary Camara, author of Cooking with Mary. Up in the Bay Area, Maria got a chance to visit Little Portugal in San Jose, and check out some of the area’s icons: Adega, Bacalhau Grill, and Popular Bakery, among others.

We chat with Alexander Dias, Founder of Ginja9, a brand of ginjinha designed for the US market. Ginja or ginjinha is a liqueur made with ginja berries (or sour cherries – Morello cherries). It’s commonly found in Lisbon and Óbidos.  Have you tried ginjinha?

This episode was recorded back in September 2016, and Nuno’s post as Consul General of Portugal in San Francisco has come to an end after 5 phenomenal years. We will miss him incredibly – his dedication, tireless efforts, creativity and passion to bring so much to the Portuguese community on the West Coast are unmatched and he is leaving one heck of a legacy.  We know he’ll do great things in New York! Good luck Nuno! Boa Sorte!

We chat with a fellow Portugal lover – Catarina Araújo of the blog, A Portuguese Affair. She started the blog about a year and a half ago to channel her love of Portugal for her friends & family in the U.S. and the U.K.

Catarina recently visited Maria and they cooked together in Maria’s kitchen (lucky girl, right), and they also took a trip to Portugalia Marketplace in Fall River, MA.  We bonded over our love of all things Portuguese, and especially food and drink including the LARGE gin & tonic glasses in Portugal and visiting the Licor Beirão factory in Lousã last Christmas. Catarina’s favorite way to drink Beirão is with ice and an orange peel.  Did you know that the ribbons on the bottles are still tied by hand and fresh mountain water is used to produce the liqueur?

We chat with Barbara Borges-Martin, also known as the Dairy Goddess of Lemoore, California. With roots in Terceira and Pico, Barbara is following in her family’s footsteps. Her grandparents met in Boston before heading to California to start a dairy.

We chat with Robert Morey of Morey Cellars in Napa, California. Did you know there are around 6 or 7 Portuguese-American wineries in California and the West Coast in general?

We chat with Floriano (Flo) Cabral, TV producer and co-founder of the International Portuguese Music Awards (IPMA) (!  The IPMA show, now in its 5th year, is a Portuguese-style GRAMMY show, aiming to encourage artists of Portuguese descent to share their work. The hope is for artists to network and collaborate, which happened last year with artist Boss AC & Paulo Gonzo’s sound engineer.

Maria & Angela spend some time catching up.

Angela thinks Maria has a future in being a motivational public speaker. Not many people are so unconditionally supportive of their friends and family, and Maria’s pep talks have helped Angela get through some tough moments!  It’s important to listen to your gut, be positive and persevere! Surround yourself with positive people who encourage and inspire you. As Angela said, “Just because other people don’t see [your] vision doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it.”

Maria is “so freaking excited!” about today’s episode, where we chat with Jeremiah Duarte Bills, whom you may recognize from the latest season of The Great American Baking Show, which aired over the holiday season!

We were excited to chat with Steve Chaves of Malasada World in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada for our first podcast of the year. Angela nicknamed Steve the Willy Wonka of Malasada World, which is located about an hour west of Toronto in Cambridge, Ontario, on the 401. Check out this article on malasadas from Eater. Yes, the one ‘s’ in the spelling of ‘malasada’ is intentional – Steve says it’s easier for English speakers to pronounce since the word comes from two words: ‘mal’ and ‘assada’.

We talk with Chef Joe Rego, winner of two Food Network Shows – Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. How did he get started? Joe has always been an artist!  And growing up, Joe helped his mom cook (like many of us) growing up in Lisbon before coming to New Bedford. He graduated from culinary school at Johnson and Wales. And he’s worked in multiple places, from New England to Georgia & Florida. He also shared some advice for aspiring chefs out there.

We catch up about Portugal and Thanksgiving and start talking about Christmas 2016 foods and traditions.

Angela’s month-long trip to Portugal was a mix of work and play (and handling an energetic 3 year old). She spent time in Lisbon, Porto & Braga. 🙂 Do you know of any kids who like peixinho com vinagre (what a savory palate!)? Shout-out to listener Danielle Pimentel for recommending Maria Catita in Lisboa’s Baixa. One of this trip’s foodie discoveries happened was one of Campo Pequeno’s petiscos – scrambled eggs & alheira. She also tried Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo.

We chat with Peter Ferreira of Nuts n’ More. Peter and his friends wanted to add some extra protein to some of their favorite foods, like peanut butter, and voi’la, Nuts n’ More was born. His parents, who own Silver Star Bakery in Providence, RI, would help him mix jars of peanut butter by hand. It was flying off the shelves of local fitness stories and at the bakery so they took a chance — Peter e-mailed the folks at Shark Tank. After a few months he got a call back, and they found themselves in LA for a week pitching to the Sharks. They were the last of their group to pitch at 10 pm, but it was worth it! Mark Cuban + Robert Herjavec backed their product.

Ever wonder who is behind some of the Portuguese groups on Facebook?  Meet Steve de Sousa from Canada! He started the Portuguese Pride page a few years ago and has been maintaining it ever since. We talk with Steve about how and why he started the group, feedback from the community, his experience growing up, and even how his fiancé (who is from Hong Kong) loves Portuguese food!

On this page, they have profiled different members of the community, and it just so happens that Maria’s profile was the most popular! No shock there! =)

Maria and Angela cover everything from roasted beets to how to start your own business.  You never know what they will talk about when these two get together!  Take a listen and send in your comments!

Antelmo spent a good portion of his childhood in the Azores, and then began his culinary journey at La Salette in Sonoma, and then Tacolicious in San Francisco.  For the past year he has been hosting pop-ups around San Francisco to promote Uma Casa, and we are all so excited to FINALLY have a full-fledged Portuguese restaurant in San Francisco!

Listen in and you will love Antelmo just as much as we do!

We talk about how much we love going to Portugal (Angela goes in a month!), and some yummy recipes that are some of Maria’s favorites.

Enjoy our conversation with the lovely Margaret! And there’s a “call to action” at the end, so be sure to listen!

What many folks may not realize is that both Maria and Angela have full-time day jobs, and this podcast is one of the many things they do in their “free time”.  That means that podcasts are often pre-recorded weeks, if not months, in advance, and sometimes weeks will go by without the two of them chatting!  So this podcast is a fun “catch up” conversation between the two friends where they talk about what’s been going on with their lives, read comments from listeners, praise the multi-tasking talent of Portuguese women, and talk about all the yummy foods you can find at festas during the summer.

Thank you to those who have sent in comments – we love hearing from you!

Ovos com chourico, pork loin with chourico, polvo (octopus) are just a few favorite dishes the Portuguese Kids would ask their mamas to make.  Get ready to laugh for an hour straight as we chat with the very funny Portuguese Kids about everything from how they got started, their first trip to California, their recent trip to Australia, and future plans (which includes a trip to South Africa!).  We even get serious for a minute and touch upon the sensitive subject of the “P” word.

Maria and Angela talk about all the yummy foods their families make during the summer! Talk about BBQ, refreshing summer salads, delicious desserts and of course, the different festas that happen during the summer.

We talk with the very accomplished food writer, David Leite of Leite’s Culinaria! He has received three James Beard Awards for his writing as well as for Leite’s Culinaria, and he has also received a PALCUS Leadership Award. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Saveur, Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Food & Wine, Pastry Art & Design, Food Arts, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Post, Charlotte Observer, and Men’s Health. David has also been hosting episodes of the podcast, The Splendid Table! Follow David Leite on Google+

June is a month of many celebrations, including Father’s Day and Dia de Portugal! In this episode Maria and Angela talk about how Dia de Portugal is celebrated in different communities, including San Jose and New Bedford where they live.

Named after Chef Manuel Azevedo’s mother, LaSalette Restaurant opened in Sonoma nearly 20 years ago, and for a long time was one of the only Portuguese restaurants in the entire state of California. Listen to how Chef Manuel went from wanting to be a mechanic to returning to his love of food, and now after two restaurants and a beautiful cookbook, he is embarking on a third restaurant, Tasca Tasca. Learn more about Chef Manuel at   and his newest restaurant at

Spring is here and that means getting your hands dirty in the garden and also making sure that all moms are pampered and made to feel extra special for Mother’s Day! We talk about how we celebrate Mother’s Day, special recipes our moms made, and we find out who loves to garden and who doesn’t!

We all have special memories of our mothers, grandmothers, and other special women in our lives.  Share your memories with us, and send us a picture too!

Ana Ortins is a fellow Portuguese-American who got her love of food and cooking from her paternal grandmother. Listen to learn about her family’s history and how that influenced her cooking, her love of food, love of tradition, and a few other fun tid bits. Do you know why your mother or grandmother used to iron every piece of laundry?? Here’s a hint, it wasn’t just an old school habit for the sake of doing it. For more information on Ana Ortins and her cookbooks, visit her website

In this podcast we talk about some of the Portuguese Easter traditions and traditional foods. As Portugal is a very Catholic country, Easter is an important celebration for all Portuguese and the Portuguese-American community.

George Mendes is one of the most successful Portuguese-American chefs and restauranteurs in the country, and we are thrilled to have him as our first guest on Our Portuguese Table. Listen to how Chef George found his love of cooking, the sweet memories he has of family gatherings, his new book “My Portugal” and that moment when he knew he’d “made it.”

Hosted by Maria Lawton, the Azorean Greenbean, and Angela Simoes, a community leader in California, this podcast is meant to bring awareness and discussion about Portuguese food, culture and what it means to be Portuguese no matter where you live.