Maria’s Portuguese Table, a cooking and travel show

Dartmouth Portuguese cooking star Maria Lawton launches PBS show  ~

December 18, 2018

Maria Lawton, also known to food fans as the Azorean Greenbean, is about to spread her love of cooking to a wider audience.

Lawton, of Dartmouth, will host “Maria’s Portuguese Table,” a series debuting Jan. 4, 8 p.m., on PBS in Rhode Island. The show will take viewers on a culinary and cultural journey, immersed in all things Portuguese.

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Lusodescendente first series of Portuguese cuisine in the United States –

Maria with her husband on a trip to the Azores.

Maria with her husband on a trip to the Azores.
Photography: Instagram Maria Lawton

December 4, 2018

The eight 30-minute episodes were filmed between the island of São Miguel in the Azores, parts of California and Rhode Island, Lusa told the creator of the series. They will be broadcasted initially on PBS Rhode Island and will then be available to other affiliates of the public television network.

“We are making history on television,” said Maria Lawton, pointing to the fact that there has never been a program on Portuguese cuisine in the United States, as opposed to “all that is nationality” and immigrant communities.

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“Maria’s Portuguese Table” cooking series launches in January ~ Fall River Herald News

November 30, 2018

by Linda Murphy, Lifestyle Editor

Maria Lawton’s mission to showcase Portuguese food and culture has been a long road. But like her own journey emigrating from her native Azores to the United States, she’s finally arrived.

Her new television show, “Maria’s Portuguese Table,” will begin airing on WSBE, Rhode Island’s PBS station, starting on Jan. 4. In eight 30-minute episodes, Lawton takes viewers on a culinary tour that spans Providence, the Azores and California.

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