Maria’s Portuguese Table

To make a very long story short…A few years ago I published my first cookbook titled “Azorean Cooking, from my family table to yours”. You might also know me from my other Facebook page “The Azorean Greenbean” or as the Podcast co-host on “Our Portuguese Table Podcast” too.

My cookbook contains recipes & stories about my family. A couple of years after much success of the book, I was approached to produce a cooking show. It would be based on my cookbook as well as bringing our culture and traditions to the mainstream audience. Even though I had never even imagined it, it has become a reality. It took a full year to find the production company, Cineasta Digital Productions, as well as finding sponsors to help pay for the project. I can honestly say that getting anyone to see the vision and want to be part of it was the hardest part of this. All that we have done is made possible by BayCoast Bank who is our one and only major sponsor!! I also need to say a special Thank You to SATA Airlines/ Azores Airlines for supporting us with flights to Sao Miguel for the production crew and me and last but not least to the Bensaude Hotel Group for supplying us with a place to stay.

Maria Filming at Terra Nostra Hotel by Bensaude Hotel Group

We would not have been able to do what we did if it wasn’t for these three companies. To say that I’ve heard hundreds of NO’s from other companies when asking for their sponsorship is an understatement!!! But these three companies believed in our vision and most of all they believed in me, and for that I will never forget. I am truly humbled and completely grateful for all they have done. So it’s with great excitement to announce that Coming this January 2019, the culinary travel show called Maria’s Portuguese Table will air on some PBS stations throughout the USA and parts of Canada. We also hope to be able to have the series available on demand via the internet. To read more and not miss anything… checkout my website and signup for my monthly newsletter.

laughing between takes!

A very special Thank You for liking my pages and following me … Sending you all peace and love, Maria

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