Maria’s Portuguese Table – Provincetown -Season 2 Episode 1

Join Maria Lawton on a mouth-watering adventure into the heart of Portuguese culture and heritage in America.

In this episode of “Maria’s Portuguese Table,” Maria takes us on a journey through the charming town of Provincetown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where the Portuguese immigrant experience in America began. Get ready to explore the town’s unique history and traditions, including the annual Blessing of the Fleet, which marks the start of the local fishing season. You’ll also get a chance to learn the secrets to a classic Portuguese baked scrod recipe from one of the area’s oldest family-owned restaurants.

Maria watching the parade!

Provincetown, Massachusetts, has a long and storied history with the Portuguese community. Portuguese fishermen began arriving in the town in the mid-19th century, drawn by the abundant fishing grounds in the area. They formed a tight-knit community, with their own churches, schools, and social clubs. The community thrived throughout the early 20th century, with the fishing industry serving as the backbone of the local economy. Today, while the fishing industry has declined, the Portuguese community remains an integral part of Provincetown’s cultural fabric, with many residents still tracing their roots back to the Azores and mainland Portugal.

Maria also explores the thriving art community in Provincetown and Truro, which has been one of the oldest artist colonies in America since 1899. She visits a local gallery featuring a Portuguese artist, Brenda Silva, whose paintings are deeply inspired by her family’s history in fishing. Watch as Maria and Derek Macara create a beautiful painting together, proving that there really are no rules when it comes to creating true art.

Maria painting with Derek Macara

The episode concludes with a visit to the iconic Portuguese Bakery, which has been in operation since 1900. Maria gets a behind-the-scenes look at the bakery’s traditional malasada-making process and even gets to try one for herself. Don’t miss this delicious and enlightening journey into the heart of Portuguese culture and heritage in America. Maria also cooks a delicious fish dish with Mike at the Mayflower Cafe, an institution on Commercial Street. Join Maria Lawton on “Maria’s Portuguese Table” and get ready to be transported to the charming town of Provincetown.

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