Maria’s August 2018 Newsletter

Bob and Maria in Sete Cidade
My husband Bob and I  had to stop and have our picture taken along the road leading to Sete Cidade in front of these beautiful hydrangeas!

Hi Everyone,

It feels like forever since I’ve sent out a newsletter. I hope that this finds all of you doing well, and that you’re enjoying this wonderful summer season.

Even though summer is not my favorite season, I’ve always loved it for many reasons; family vacations, long sunny days, trips to the farmers market for freshly picked fruit and vegetables are just a few. The great thing about August is that it’s the season of Tomatoes!! Lots and lots of delicious tomatoes to put into salads, soups as well as making homemade sauce and jam. I especially love them with my eggs in the morning. Yes, I am totally obsessed with garden fresh tomatoes… there is nothing like it!!

Here are some pictures of all the beautiful tomatoes that are at my local farm stand.

I know lots of us also grow them in our own gardens… but even if you did or didn’t have a chance to plant this year…make sure to support the wonderful local farmers in your area if you can. They absolutely need our support to keep them in business. You’ll be doing good by keeping them in business as well as getting to enjoy the freshest produce!!  Win, Win!!

On another note:

You’re wondering why I have been so quiet on this site, which is definitely not me!! Lolol

Our major problem was that my website became outdated and hard to update and hard to keep secure. I always heard about other people’s websites and how it nearly shut them down… Well, the reconstruction put our website on hold for several months. Thank goodness that’s over now and I can once again send you my latest happenings and news. 

While the website was on hold, I continued working on some ideas for an on-line store. I should have some ideas to share with you next month and it should be just in time to start Holiday Shopping!! Yes, I said Holiday Shopping!!   It’s actually four months away… In the meantime, I am going to start with selling my signed cookbooks … this way they can be personalized gifts for your friends and family.One last note(I promise!)

Last month my whole family and I went to Sao Miguel for a family wedding… it was actually our second wedding in Sao Miguel this year. We were so lucky that all my children, including my son-in-law and another daughter’s boyfriend were able to join me and my husband on this trip… It gets harder as they get older to coordinate it, but all the stars aligned this time!! To see my children reconnect with the Azores was Amazing. I never want them to forget where half of their DNA comes from… and this trip did just that. I cannot wait to do it again… and the wonderful thing is they all want to go back again too!!

Bride entering hall
Bride enters hall on a sunny day
Wedding desserts
A long table of desserts waiting to be enjoyed









If someone reading this and is wondering if a family vacation in the Azores will give everyone things to do… The answer is yes!! Actually we ran out of time with all the things to do and we were there for 10 days!!

Until next time,


The beautiful Ponta Delgada waterfront!
The view of Vila Franca from up high!
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