A fresh batch of malasadas from my kitchen!

Growing up my mom would make malassadas just for very special occasions. One of those days was the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, or the start of Lent. I was looking at my calendar today and just realized that a week from today is Fat Tuesday or also known as Malassadas Day!!!  During Lent, growing up we usually gave up sugar sweets in our home until Easter… So this day was really important to hold us over for the 46 days. 

Malassadas is called by a lot of names: Filhos, Portuguese Donuts, Fried Dough or Beaver Tails.  Plus every nationality has their own version of the Malassada. The name may vary but one thing we all agree on is that they are all delicious!!! My mom would make it and we would all be waiting patiently to enjoy them still warm. My job to help was usually covering the mallassadas in lots of sugar… and if I picked the right time, I would sneak a bite or two!!   To this day, my favorite is still eating them when they are freshly made and warm. Such beautiful childhood memories surrounded in this delicious sugar covered stretched fried dough. 

Today I’m sharing with you my aunt  Lilia’s recipe… enjoy making them with your family. Make sure that you create wonderful memories to never forget  ❤️

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