Is Sweet Bread Portuguese??

So here’s my answer in regards to it all…
First, every nationality has their version of sweetbread… all made with different measurements of almost the same ingredients: flour, yeast, sugar, butter, eggs, milk! 

Some families like them fluffy and soft, almost cake-like. Others like a more dense texture, and still others add lemon zest, or vanilla extract or even shots of brandy.  No matter where the person are even further variations.
Most of the time the recipe you grew up eating was adapted within your own family based on taste and texture preferences.. hence there’s so many recipes for these all these types of sweet breads…
I like to say that there’s no right or wrong sweetbread recipe… every family has their own take and tradition.
My suggestion:
1) if you have your family recipe and you’re the only one that bakes it; Please share your recipe with your family. Write it down, have someone video you while your making it… teach them so that your family traditions continue.
Trust me when I say that from all the recipes that I get asked for… Sweetbread is my number one recipe.
And no matter if I share my family recipe… it might come close or not at all to your family recipe.
2) Start testing out recipes now. Cut large recipes in half so that you can see how the dough works. Some recipes have a wetter, shaggy dough..others are not. If you’ve never worked with a yeasted dough… it’s great to start experimenting now.

In the meantime… if baking sweetbread is not for you then ordering one is fine. Trust me No one will judge…. The key is to celebrate the day with family and friends.

For those not living near a Portuguese Bakery … here’s a couple of places that will ship to every state in the USA….

Sweet bread for Shop Portugalia

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