How would you describe yourself?

In last week’s newsletter I asked how you would describe yourself: born in Portugal, parents or grandparents born there but not you, or none of the above. It’s so awesome that so many of you responded!

I didn’t expect that so many people are second generation and are connecting with their roots via their grandparents. It’s really awesome, and the good news is that it’s never too late to connect to our roots. The amount of “Portugueseness” that you grew up with may have varied, and whatever you experienced, no matter, we can all agree that we want to recreate them, and this is just the place to start. It’s probably a dish that you remembered eating that got you started, then found out there was a feast or tradition that surrounded it and you wanted to know more. That’s how I got started, and I grew up in a household that was still very much involved in all the typical activities. Ours were mainly centered around the church feasts, which is probably typical for many of us. On a side note, it doesn’t matter how long ago your family came from Portugal, whether your first generation or fifth or only one parent is Portuguese or one grandparent is Portuguese. I have to tell you… You are Portuguese!! What an amazing group we are…

So, thanks for coming here to learn more! If you haven’t seen my Facebook page, you should check it out. We have great discussions all the time about all things Portuguese!

3 thoughts on “How would you describe yourself?”

  1. Chuck rutkowski

    I found the sitethis morning,, where I could buy a signed copy of your book, yippee!
    I dedicated it to my daughter, I’ll give it to her as an Easter gift!
    She cooks well and likes to make breads ! Bonus ,,,,,
    My granddaughter is ten and likes to cook also
    Thank you , very much looking forward it.
    Chuck rutkowski

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