It’s been two years in the planning followed by too many false starts but tour group to Sao Miguel has finally made it’s maiden voyage!! This tour has had to evolve with each challenge to the schedule that Covid could throw at us! Thank you to the folks who’ve traveled with me, and for those who felt this wasn’t the right time for them I understand 100%. We’ve already got another trip scheduled for April, and are hoping to go to more places after that. We’re traveling as safely as we can and complying with all Covid regulations that are in place, but it’s nice to know that our destination is even further along in vaccinations than many of our own communities. Pictures of the trip will be on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and some will make it here, too! So, here’s to what we all hope to be the first of many voyages together!

A crowded jet way as travelers wait to board their flight to the Azores
In line waiting to board the flight from Boston to Ponta Delgada!!

1 thought on “Finally!!”

  1. We were delighted to find your TV show on PBS, as we had s trip planned to three islands in the Azores- Faial, Terceira, and Sao Miguel. We got back about a week ago and had a GREAT time! The history, scenery, the vegetation was all wonderful. It was like a cross of Hawaii, Big Sur, and even California desert landscapes. So diverse!

    Alan & Holli Hanson
    Murrieta, CA

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