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Beer Biscuit Recipe and Video (Biscoitos Cerveja)

Maria Lawton makes homemade Beer Biscuits

Biscoitos Cerveja; also known as Beer Biscuits require simple ingredients that you likely already have in your home and are a favorite in my family. I did not grow up eating these, but I wish I had! You may be wondering what beer would be best to use for these beer biscuits. I suggest and […]

Malassada Bread Pudding / Pudim de pão Malassada

I can honestly say that this Malassada bread pudding recipe came from having too many leftover Malassadas!! Growing up there was never a time I can ever remember of having any Malassadas leftover. I think as soon as my mother would let us eat them…they would be all gone!! We would eat them so fast…almost […]