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Is Sweet Bread Portuguese??

So here’s my answer in regards to it all…First, every nationality has their version of sweetbread… all made with different measurements of almost the same ingredients: flour, yeast, sugar, butter, eggs, milk!  Some families like them fluffy and soft, almost cake-like. Others like a more dense texture, and still others add lemon zest, or vanilla extract or even …

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An easy, meatless meal

I don’t know about you, but In my home growing up every Friday was “fish Friday”, and not just during the season of Lent! Lately I have been getting messages asking me to share more meatless recipes… so this past Friday I shared my family recipe of fresh fish poached in a tomato and onion sauce. …

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Growing up my mom would make malassadas just for very special occasions. One of those days was the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, or the start of Lent. I was looking at my calendar today and just realized that a week from today is Fat Tuesday or also known as Malassadas Day!!!  During Lent, growing up …

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2022 Travel Updated

     As you all know, I love traveling to the island of Sao Miguel, Azores as often as I possibly can. Besides visiting friends and family when I’m there, I also love discovering the perfect spots not only for relaxing, but also for recharging. Of course in between I can’t forget all the restaurants …

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Valentine’s Day

My friends at have two Valentine’s Day packages for your “amor”, one package is just sweets and the other is a combination of sweet and savory. I told my husband that I’m sweet, but he said I’m sweet and savory! The perfect gift for your Valentine!  The Sweetheart Gift Set combines some of our …

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Linguiça vs Chouriço

I get asked more often than you’d think to explain the difference between these two sausages. Everyone’s got some insight, and depending on what they grew up with or where they grew up they may have a different explanation. I always was told that it was based on the type of pig casing used: small …

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