Azorean Greenbean’s February 2018 Newsletter

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to our 1st Newsletter!!! To everyone who signed up to receive this Newsletter… a very heart felt Thank You!!  I am just so excited to be able share with you the latest happenings as well as everything else going on around me.


Last year was a very busy one for my family and me. With travel, filming a cooking show and coordinating our daughters wedding…we had a very full and blessed year. Last year I was able to travel to Sao Miguel, Azores as well as California to film several episodes for the upcoming cooking & travel series for PBS.  It was ALL made possible by BayCoast Bank who was our one and only major sponsor!! Also to SATA Airlines for supporting us with flights to Sao Miguel for the production crew and me and last but not least to the Bensaude Hotel Group for supplying us with a place to stay.


We would not have been able to do what we did if it wasn’t for these three companies. To say that I’ve heard hundreds of NO’s from other companies when asking for their sponsorship is an understatement!!! But these three companies believed in our vision and most of all they believed in me, and for that I will never forget it and be completely grateful.

So if you have a vision and a dream, and your getting lots of no’s, please don’t give up. Keep going forward and visualize what you’re trying to achieve already Achieved and now your celebrating it!!!  Visualize it happening!!!

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Remember it’s your dream not anyone else’s…


     From left to right… My husband Bob, Me, Miguel and Dean


So speaking of the TV series “Maria’s Portuguese Table”… here’s the link to the page…   just incase you haven’t seen it.

Well it looks like we will be airing the series later this Spring 2018!!!

It’s all So Exciting!!! I am jumping up and down with excitement!!

Right now we have PBS in Rhode Island, Buffalo NY, (Toronto CA will be able to see on the Buffalo station) and one of the stations in California.

As soon as I have more stations signing up I will let you all know…

Actually I would love to know which PBS station you like to watch?  I want to make sure you get to see it as soon as it airs!!


Here’s a very special treat that NO-One has seen this until now… Just for you!!!

Here’s a teaser for the show…

Well time goes by so quickly and it’s hard to believe that we’re already into the second month of the year. If you’re like me you probably made a few New Years resolutions and have already broken all of them!!!  Lol

One of them was to cut down on sugar… Yes, a very hard thing to do, especially in the month of February.  I probably should have thought of something else!!!

The first celebration we have is of Carnival, is on February 13th. This is annual festival that marks the beginning season of lent.  Growing up we would make Mallassadas to celebrate.  You will find my aunt Lilia’s recipe for Malassadas at the end of the newsletter, so that you can make for your friends and family.

Enjoy one for me too!!

Then we have the sweetest celebration on the February the 14th!!   Like we need an excuse to celebrate love with chocolates!!!  Goodness knows they are making those chocolate hearts bigger and bigger every year!! Lol

Maybe I’ll hint for flowers instead… J

So lets all get to celebrate a Happy Valentines Day!!  Don’t forget to tell all our friends and family just how special they are.


Malassadas Recipe… picture with link to website



Have a wonderful February, everyone!!

Until Next month…

Sending you all lots of love!!


The Azorean Greenbean…

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