An easy, meatless meal

Tuna and Chickpeas, plated with boiled eggs

I don’t know about you, but In my home growing up every Friday was “fish Friday”, and not just during the season of Lent! Lately I have been getting messages asking me to share more meatless recipes… so this past Friday I shared my family recipe of fresh fish poached in a tomato and onion sauce. I loved hearing that this was a very loved recipe in so many of your family homes, too. My favorite thing was hearing from those that haven’t enjoyed the recipe since their loved ones made it and thought the recipe was lost. You can’t imagine how much joy I feel to be able to bring back wonderful childhood food memories.
Besides my cookbook, I have tried posting a few of my family fish recipes on my website and also on my YouTube channel. Hopefully you’ll check them out and be inspired to make something for your family and friends .

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