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     As you all know, I love traveling to the island of Sao Miguel, Azores as often as I possibly can. Besides visiting friends and family when I’m there, I also love discovering the perfect spots not only for relaxing, but also for recharging. Of course in between I can’t forget all the restaurants and cafés that I just love. Truly every time I visit I find another favorite spot on the island.     

I’ve been asked many times over the years to lead a tour to my favorite places,  but I kept saying thanks, but no thanks… Well that all changed when I was asked to lead a travel group that was part of PBS Travel Club and AAA Travel. Before I said yes, I asked them to agree to make it a food and wine kind of tour… with amazing sites, sounds and smells surrounding it all.     Because of the pandemic we had to reschedule several times in 2021 but last October we finally got to go; the inaugural tour was incredible!!! We had travelers come from as far away as California to join, and with the exception of two people, no one else had never been there before. You can’t imagine how much I loved showing everyone my favorite things on the island. In the end everyone fell in love with everything, too. My favorites are now their favorites… It was such an amazing experience.     

We started booking for a return tour in April, 2022, but this January Covid numbers forced us to make another hard decision  for the safety of our travelers to go change the dates to this October 14-22.  So, I am excited to say that we are going back to the island and once again I will be showing those coming along with me everything that I love about the island of Sao Miguel. We have an itinerary setup with just a few things that we will be doing, but not everything. I have to have a few surprises…?The tour leaves from Boston’s Logan Airport and it’s a 4 1/2 hour red eye flight✈️Once we land the adventure begins!  In this tour, we have also added a free day into the tour, and with the exception of the free day lunch and dinner… All of the meals are included.

As in previous tours setup, it fills up quickly.  If you are thinking about traveling with this tour, please reach out to AAA travel at the link below!

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      1. Hi Maria
        Looking to book a vacation for 2024 Would like to go to Madeira, port st Miguel Please reply with an answer to when to book Would love to have you with us

  1. I just learned of your guided tour through Jeff, who owns the Benjamin Moore paint store in Bristol, who went on your September tour.
    How do I get access to your newsletter?

    1. Hi Diane,
      I send out a weekly newsletter… so If you just sign up for my newsletter all the information on my next planned trips will be posted as well as other things. Please say hello to Jeff and his wife for me ????

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