I am daydreaming about the Azores…

Maria's family gathers around a large dining room table
What I would do to be back at this table… laughing and sharing a delicious meal with those I love!

I have been daydreaming of returning to the Azores and seeing my family… I know I have been mentioning this a lot lately. But I just can’t help it!

Greeting them with hugs and kisses, and sitting together for delicious dinners. We have wonderful conversations, and laughter until the early hours of the morning. Yes… this is what I miss the most! I am so happy to have had our family vacation there two years ago together with my children. We have all been looking back at that trip as wonderful memories. What is the first thing you are going to do when you return to the Azores once again? Visits with family, traveling to new hidden gems, or visiting your old favorite spots?

If you are looking for something new to make this week…

Have you tried my poached fish recipe? Many people write to me that they can be intimidated by cooking fish. This recipe is so easy and flavorful. Best of all, it requires using only the stove (no oven required!) and besides the fish, consists mostly of items you likely already have! I think these are the best types of weeknight recipes. Click the image below for a link to the Youtube video. The recipe is in the description box. Enjoy!!


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