The lost pilot!

Maria's Family Table
Here’s the original title page of the original pilot: Maria’s Family Table!

So, before any episode of Maria’s Portuguese Table was aired on PBS, I had to film a pilot. PBS wanted to see what I had in mind, and I needed to show them just that!! To be the first show/ series on American TV that was all about being Portuguese… Our history, our food and our culture.
I am just so grateful that they also saw it too.
Here is a never before seen Pilot that was put together, before getting the green light to proceed with filming the series….
I can also share that as of today, more and more stations throughout the USA are picking up the series… But it all began with this pilot!!!
After they saw this…they wanted as many episodes as possible!!
I couldn’t have done this without the help of my dear friends at Something Productions… It was so much fun to put together and as they say… The rest is History!