Special Edition Hardcovers Available!

A while ago my husband surprised me with a small printing of hard cover editions of my book.  I’ve given out what I needed for gifts and would like to offer to you the chance to buy one if you’d like.  I’ll sign each one for you (there’s a section in the checkout page for you to tell me the specifics) but I don’t think they’ll last long   Mother’s Day is coming up so we have the paperback on sale as well as the availability of the hard cover.


Thank you for always supporting me, and sharing my passion for all things Portuguese!

http://azoreangreenbean.com/product/hardcover-cookbo…y-table-to-yours/ ‎


screenshot of Hardcover Cookbook - Azorean Cooking
An image of the front cover of “Azorean Cooking: from my family table to yours”