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Kale Soup (Sopa de Couve)

Recipe for Kale Soup

This kale soup recipe is the version I have made since I got married. I’ve always used my mom’s recipe, since my new husband adored my mom’s cooking and especially her soups. The thing with this soup is that there can be so many variations. Some kale soups might include variations such as beans, carrots, […]

Grandmother’s Pudding (Pudim da Avó) Recipe

Grandmother's Pudding Recipe

4 egg yolks ¾ cups of granulated sugar ¼ cup of milk 1 7oz package of Maria Biscuits 1 16 oz container of Heavy Whipping Cream 2 tablespoons of sugar Using a food processor or a rolling pin, finely crush the Maria Biscuits and leave aside. *Sometimes I just use my hands to crush if […]